Date Range

Current - Date range is only past history


Future - Be able to select a range from past history, but also pick a date that is in the future.


Example - Select a date range of last 12 months plus next 12 months.


This is needed for forcasting or future orders cards. Everything we look at is not historical. We need to be able to veiw the future also. I know you can select between two dates, but I don't want to have to remember all the cards where this needs to be updated manually every (whatever time frame).


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  • This is exactly the same issue I am having. It would be nice if Domo could add "Future" Data ranges besides "Current" and "Past" data ranges that we have now. 

  • @Gavatar can you take a look at this please?

  • We are currently looking into this feature, it is a strong feature, thanks! 

  • Thank you for your suggestion.  @StevenC is the product manager for this area and will respond.

  • Has this idea been reviewed? Just curious if this is something Domo is able to implement. We built the beast mode, but in order for it to work, we had to select "All Time" date range (which confuses many people when they see cards). 


    If anyone is interested, here is a beast mode that we use (our fiscal year is shifted one quarter):


    year(date_sub(`CloseDate`,interval 1 month)) = year(ADDDATE(date_sub(current_date(),interval 1 month),interval 1 quarter)) and
    quarter(date_sub(`CloseDate`,interval 1 month)) = quarter(ADDDATE(date_sub(current_date(),interval 1 month),interval 1 quarter)) then 'Next Quarter'
    else 'Other'

  • Thank you for the feedback, this is a requested feature and we are looking into a solution for this, it is on our road map. 



  • Great suggestion @lovelock. We've created ticket DOMO-64898 for our engineering team to review your suggestion. Thanks!

  • I would like to expand on the "Next Day, Month, Quarter". It would be more beneficial to duplicate what is currently in the "Last" section of the date range (24 hours, 30 days, 60 days, etc). I would basically like to duplicate that section but change it to "Next..."

  • Thanks for that feedback @cmarkum! Great suggestion, I'll update the ticket.

  • I have a large number or requests to look at future data ranges (Next 6 or 12 months).  The vast majority of the preset selections are historical in nature which doesn't help when you're trying to look forward. 

  • @JohnfFuture date option in data range dropdown is releasing this month, look for it! There will be more future options coming down the road. These future options are available this release. Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Month, Next Quarter, Next Year. 

  • @lovelock Look for this feature this month! We are releasing in the dropdown future date options. These are the future date options being released this month. Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Month, Next Quarter, Next Year.  We will be bringing in more options in the future. Thanks! 

  • Hello,


    "Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Month, Next Quarter, Next Year" is a good start, but there is functional reason why the past and future are not symetric. I.e. the "next" options should be similar to the "previous" and "last" options.


    Also I note from the original requirements that previous 12m and and next 12m would be great as well.


    Should we submit a new idea as this was partially implemented? Is there a plan to move forward on this?



  • Has there been an update on this? I believe an option EXACTLY like youve done for "Last..." (which then brings up a number entry box AND a dropdown for days/months/quarters/years) is the most appropriate and should be called "Next..."

  • @bstephens We definitely agree that this is the best option, to allow any user to choose what future period they want to see. I'll update this thread once the feature is close to becoming available. Thanks! 

  • An additional request, based on some work Im doing currently:


    Domo's BETWEEN option for the Date Range only allows two calendar points (specific dates).

    What I really need is a +/- # days/months/years, but no necessarily symmetric.

    So something like - 30 days AND + 90 days.


    Use case:

    Our salemen (like most companies, I imagine) are fairly slow in their data compliance; they dont update the Estimated Close Date in their pipeline as often as we like. So when management is pulling a forecast pipeline, we currently use Next 90 days (or something). But we have a LOT of open Opportunities with Estimated Close Date in the last 30 days, simply because they didnt close last month and the reps havent gotten around to updating those records. So in fact the current pipleline is bigger than what it shows in the Next 90 Days. 


    Obviously the solution is to crack the whip on the reps to update the data. But I have some BeastMode variables that calculate "RealisticPipelines" for my execs, which weight the Estimated Revenue by historical probabilty of closing for a given sales stage (e.g. turns out that we close 65% of our 90%/Negotiating opps in the month that they are scheduled to close; so I take 65% of the Estimated Revenue of the Actual Pipeline and throw that into the calculation of the "RealisticPipeline"). The execs like this because it is closer to reality than the raw data.


    What Id like to do with this proposal is to created a "RealisticPipeline +/- 90 days" that includes some of these past-due-but-not-yet-updated records. Ive tried a couple workarounds where I created an "ExtendedDate" field that shifts the current date back in time. But if I do this via BeastMode variable, then that variable is not eligible for selection in the Date Range. If I do it via the DataFlow (either ETL or SQL) it gets very ugly very quickly.


    In any case, I cant be the only one with this issue, so thought it would be a good feature request.

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