Where can I find my learning history?



Could anyone please tell me if I can find my learning history from anywhere? Either it be watching demo videos or learning from DOJO, knowledge article or anything else?





  • @Neeti 


    This is a great question. Can you elaborate more on what you are looking for and what you would like to see in "your learning history"


    We are very keen on your input and may need to set up a call to discuss in detail.



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  • @DaniBoy 

    Thanks for your reply.


    Learning history, in the sense, what I have watched as a knowledge sharing video or what all I have read in DOJO or knowledge based article. Its over all my browing/learning history in DOMO.




  • @Neeti that isn't something we currently have in an easy format for you. We are working on getting that type of data in DomoStats, but it is a long way out as we are doing preparations on our end. In the meantime, work with your CSM to get what information we have and have made available to them.