"failed to receive handshake, SSL/TLS connection failed" error


While I am trying to install "install_github(repo="domoinc-r/DomoR")" in R or running below script in R getting erroe

"Error in curl::curl_fetch_memory(url, handle = handle) :
schannel: failed to receive handshake, SSL/TLS connection failed"



c <- DomoR::list_ds()

Devtools and DomoR packages are aleady installed, and above script was runing fine one day before.

Please help on this


  • Hey,


    I've seen an issue like this before. 

    Make sure you have permission on your user to download git hub repositories.





  • Hi Jarvis, Can you please help me, how can I check the permission and if not the how can I get access? Thanks Rajiv
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