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I have a DomoStats Dataset that will only allow me to run it once daily. I am in need of this running on an hourly basis. In reading different topics on Domos Help Center I found a process of submitting a backfill request however it does not say or explain how you submit this request. Can anyone help me with this?


I found this info here:


under the heading Handling DomoStats Backfill Requests which states that:


The DomoStats DataSet begins collecting and outputting data on the date and time of creation.  If you need more data prior to the creation date, then a backfill request must be submitted.

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  • estelle531
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    My domo contact responded to my email with the following:


    The backfill request is something you can request through a support ticket. Unfortunately ,there is no option to run the connector more than daily at this point.


  • GrantSmith
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    You'll want to reach out to your Domo contact for assistance.

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  • Thanks for the help! I did reach out to my contact and he gave me the answer I needed.