Use ETL to make calculated column a measure

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I had a measure of DELAY expressed in words in my input file.  This cannot be changed by me.


I used beast mode to create a new column with the word changed to a number and I called this column DELAY2


However, this column is still be treated as a dimension


And if i open workflow to change this in ETL, the calculated column does not appear on the list of columns to be selected


--Any ideas how to use this of some other process to get DELAY to be a measure

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    At the end of your DELAY2 beast mode, multiply the entire thing by 1. 

    For example


    (case when `DELAY` = 'One' then 1 when `DELAY` = 'TWO' then 2 end) *1

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  • @user060210 - It's treating it as a measure because it's not an actual number. If you do have a textual representation of a number you'll need to use the Set Column Type tile to convert it from Text to either Whole Number or Decimal. Then the card should treat it as a metric and not a dimension. As this would have to be done before the beast mode is performed on the card you'd need to translate your beastmode to some additional ETL tiles to convert the word representation to numerical representation first.

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  • I can set entries like 'immediate' 'delayed' to be a number because it is not clear what number that would be unless I specify it. That's why I created DELAY2

  • Thank you -- such a simple solution! Much appreciated.