Instagram Business IGTV Metrics

I am using the Instagram Business connector and am wondering if there are metrics for IGTV? Similar to YouTube, IGTV has a playlist called a Series and each Series has individual videos with media titles. I would like to be able to measure each Series vs individual posts.


In Instagram, the Posts tab also lists IGTV posts (screen shot attached). In Domo, they don't appear in the Media Insights/Comments datasets.


Also, I'm looking to use Media Title but I only see Media ID/Media Caption included for regular posts. Thank you in advance.

Best Answer


  • Thanks Jarvis. I discovered this as well over the weekend. I just wrote instructions here for how to access Instagram data but then Domo said the link was broken and I lost the response :( I will try to post something later for others who may be interested. Basically, Instagram allows users to access IGTV Series in the form of IGTV Series ID, IGTV Series Title, IGTV Episode ID but does not include IGTV Series Episode Title or metrics relating to each post. So...not much use as of now. Hopefully Instagram will support IGTV Series media objects in the near future.