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If there was another level down added to the sub menus it would greatly unclutter my organizations menu bar. I think one more level down would suffice and help out many organizations. I understand adding anything past that would get too busy.

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  • Thank you for this idea. I am assigning this to our product manager @StevenC for review.

  • @DHargens I like your thinking, that would be helpful to clean up pages. Ticket DOMO-35678 was created for the engineering team to review. Thanks!

  • @DHargens @michaelf I think this is a great idea. My idea was to have Collections available as a submenu option but this works, too. Just an anchor link would be helpful.

  • Hi @Andrew, thanks for the feedback. Just to be clear, you're suggesting that all Collections are shown as a sub-menu?

  • @michaelf Correct. I was thinking about a menu UI update to show an additional hover menu for Collections within each page/sub-page. There might need to be a different call/action for accessing collections from other main pages but this would already be intuitive for any main page you already have open. Accessing collections for any sub-page should not be too confusing seeing an additional menu pop up on hover.


    I think @DHargens idea is great as well if you could have control in the Manage Pages or Admin Settings panel to move pages around into different menu hierarchies.

  • @Andrew so maybe when hovering over a sub-page under a page it will display a list of the names of the various collections under that sub-page? Where the speech bubble on my included image indicates?Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 2.55.25 PM.png

  • @michaelf The image isn't showing up, but that sounds like what I had in mind for sub-page menu UI structure. The Collections menu would show up as third level menu below your current sub-pages and as a right nested sub-page menu on ones you don't currently have open.


    For main page menu UI, I think this could use a little tweaking. I'm not sure how collections would show in the menu for main pages with this display method. It would also be nice to see the main page link show up on your menu bar when accessing pages from the More menu. The current workflow requires you to open up the More menu again and find the page link again.

  • Thanks for that input @Andrew! I've added your feedback to the ticket to review this case further with our engineering team. Thanks!

  • I like where this is going. Sorry for the late response, but until DOJO is moved into the UI I have to get to it when I can!

    I think that these are great points. A few comments:


    @Andrew in reference to this comment, "It would also be nice to see the main page link show up on your menu bar when accessing pages from the More menu." I would think that this would make the more section almost irrelevant. You will be taking data from column base to row based in the actual UI, freeing up more space all around. At least that is my hope! adding another sub layer to the UI will make it possible to condense all of that into tighter, more neat menus.


    @michaelf I never really thought of that, but coupled with the UI tweak would be freaking awesome! Imagine hovering over the page name in the menu and a new menu pops up to show collections, click the collection and BOOM right to that collection area on the page! Sweet!

  • Thanks for the input @DHargens and @Andrew!!

  • any update on this @michaelf?

  • @DHargens we are currently working on this feature, not sure on timeline though.

  • I see this is from 2016 but still could be a very useful feature in Domo. Any updates on this @DaniBoy 

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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🥷

    3 page sub levels are now available. This could be marked as implemented. CC @gojoGirl 

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