Changing a day week start to Friday

I want to change the start of week days to Friday only for 3 cards on my dashboard. Can anyone tell me how to do that?


I know I can change this in company settings, but I only want to apply this rule to 3 cards and not the entire company

I know that I can change the start week day in a date filter card, but that does not apply to graph cards. 




  • You can change the week display in company settings, but what you're asking for here I think is different.  You can set up a fiscal calendar and just use it for the 3 cards you need it for, this link will show you what you'd have to do to get it.  


    If you just wanted to change the order of the display of the dates in your 3 cards, you could use beast mode to create a new day of week rank.  Something like:


    when DAYOFWEEK(DATE()) = 6 then 1 -- friday
    when DAYOFWEEK(DATE()) = 7 then 2 -- saturday
    when DAYOFWEEK(DATE()) = 1 then 3 -- Sunday
    --you get the point....



    Hope that helps.



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