Do Story Dashboards function with Publication Groups?

I've looked around the dojo and kb for this, but haven't found an outright answer.


Our company uses publication groups for distributing domo to our audiences. We are interested in the "design dashboard" or story dashboard feature, but want to confirm that it will work with publication groups. Testing is a bit tricky for us at the moment, so I was hoping to see if anyone else has tried it and knows if it works and works well. We often find that not all features/releases apply to publication groups. 



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  • Cartergan
    Cartergan 🟠
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    As of now, there isn't a way to have a full dashboard as a publication. It will only create the publication/slideshow out of the cards on the dashboard which in turn would lose the functionality of the dashboard. I'm not sure if this is something that's been mentioned or if they are working on this feature but it may be a good suggestion in the idea center!

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