Filtering Multiple Values in One Column with Match Values

When filtering with Match Values as in the screenshot below, does Domo intuitively understand that these are all individual things to filter out? I cannot use a selection filter in my case because the values are not currently in the data but may be included in the future.



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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    You can make this work by creating a beast mode that would have the values you are interested in and create a case statement that tags them as a 1 or 'Y' and then everything else gets tagged as a 0 or 'N'. It would look something like this:

    (CASE when TRIM(`City`) = 'Abbeville' then 1
    when TRIM(`City`) = 'Phoenix' then 1
    when TRIM(`City`) ='Albany' then 1
    else 0

    You would then drag your new beast mode field into the filters and select the 1 or Y or whatever you decided on to only show those values. This keeps it from being tied to matching existing values in your dataset.

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