Added Filter chart type using beast mode, getting error on click

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I have written a simple beast mode monthname('date') on a filter chart type to display name of months from date column from dataset. However, on my dashboard when I click on any month and expect the filter to work, like other pages data with respect to selected month, it gives me error message on a click as "filtering not yet available on card beast modes".


Can anyone let me know if this is not supported? Or I am missing something here?




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  • Ashleigh
    Ashleigh 🟣
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    You can use Beast Modes on a filter card as I use one. However you have to be careful how you make the Beast Mode, I do not think aggregates are supported. Make sure your Beast Mode is also saved to the dataset so it can filter the other cards, if there are different datasets you will need to add the same Beast Mode to those as well. Could you provide a screenshot of how you made the filter card?


  • Hi @Ashleigh ,


    Thanks for the suggestion to make it dataset field. It worked.




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