Filters for specific Drill Down?

Currently I have a list of outstanding loans grouped by state. Once a state is selected, the drill down will show individual locations within the state that make up the number. 

I want to have a specific group of individual locations show up when I click Utah (the main competitors), so in the drill down I have filtered the locations to the ones I want which in turn filters them for every state if drilled into. Is there a way to have this filter only apply to certain rows if drilled into?

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  • Ashleigh
    Ashleigh 🟣
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    You can make a Beast Mode to group the locations. Something like



    when state = 'Utah' and location in ('A', 'B', 'C') then 'Keep' 

    when state != 'Utah' then 'Keep'

    else 'Remove'



    Then select 'Keep' as your filter. This should filter out anything that is not location A, B, or C in Utah. 


  • Alternatively you could also do a filter that excludes the locations that are in Utah, however this would not work if there was a location with the same name in a different state. You could also just make a beastmode using CONCAT() for state and location and then just filter them out that way. 

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