How to combine two dashboards into one

I have 2 dashboards using 2 different datasets.  Now I need to create another dashboard for different audiences, but basically about 10 cards are from dashboard1 and 25 cards are from dashboard 2 but will have different fillers setup for those cards.    


Is there an easy way to copy &paste the cards I need to the new dashboards? 


I tried copy&move cards, but when I make a changes for these cards, they change in both new and old dashboard.  I need to use different filters in different dashboards.  


Thank you.

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  • GrantSmith
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    Hi @WizardOz 


    If you're wanting a separate copy of these cards you can utilize the Save As option instead of Move / Copy. This will allow you to make changes to these cards without affecting the original versions.


    When you do a Save As you can also specify the parent page you want them saved to so you don't have to move them after they've been saved to save yourself some time.

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  • thank you @GrantSmith.  I used saved as a lot, but did not realized I can save as to a new page!



  • jaeW_at_Onyx
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    Two thoughts here,

    While you CAN save a copy of the cards onto a new page... I probably wouldn't.  This creates a maintenance nightmare that you don't want to think about if you end up with 3 or 5 dashboards that are 'different views for different departments but functionally the same information.'


    Instead, consider using PDP or Filters or Default Views or Filter Groups so that the different users can access the same dashboard and slice it down to the data they are interested in.  (if you don't know about filter groups ask your CSM or come to the Domo EMEA User Group ( this Thursday and Josh M. will give a demo on it.


    If you need different sections for different departments, consider having a summary page with the same content for everyone, then use image cards as hyperlinks to subpages that are customized for that department.

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