Trigger Multiple Drill Downs On a Page At The Same Time

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Is there a way to trigger multiple drill downs at the same time on a page? The idea here is to have a kpi page where we can see things on a daily, weekly, and monthly level. So if the page were to start with a daily view to then be able to drill to weekly, then drill to monthly, but when triggered to also drill all the other cards, so all the data is viewed at the same drill path level.

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    Instead of trying to use drill paths to solve this problem, could you use filters?


    could you structure data where you have a column where you pick between 'day, month, and quarter' which then filters the data to the range of dates you're interested in seeing?


    if you must have different views with different groupings in the cards, could you have a summary page that has links to different views of the dashboard aggregated to different level (dashboard_by_week, dashboard_by_month) etc?


    as you deliver this, take the time to think, what metrics become more or less important as i visualize the trend at a week or a month level.  who is going to look at this?


    the guy who looks at activity in the last week is probably a line of business worker and therefore has different questions and interests compared to the manager who is looking at a month over month or quarterly trend.

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  • For additional context, the change wouldnt just be to how the dates are grouped but the date range would change as well. On a daily level I would likely look at only one week, from a weekly level likekly 12 weeks, and the monthly view would be over 12 months. 

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