Need "Save As" feature - "Save Changes" as a new Card

Currently we can't edit a card and then save it as new card. "Save As" will be a "nice to have" feature.

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  • Any updates on this from the Domo team? I often edit a card to find some metrics and realize how useful the metrics are afterwards. It would be great to Save As rather than to duplicate the card and recreate all the editing.

  • Assigning this to our product manager for card builder @ckwright.  He will take a look and respond.  Appreciate you suggesting the idea.

  • @shaanarora Does Duplicate solve this? Or is the need you are in card builder and as you are in discovery mode you want to save this as a new card and keep the old? I will review this request with my team. 

  • @ckwright I do use duplicate, but the need is more like your second scenario: editing a card to find some new insights but realizing it would be better suited to having a new and old card.

  • This is a HUGE, much needed feature that is currently missing in Domo.


    Use Case:


    Open card to explore the data set, add filter, add field, calculation, graphic whatever....


    If I want to SAVE this new card, I have to overwrite the existing card.


    Furthermore, I cannot PREVIEW the new card in different modes until its saved.


    What I personally want is the ability to first PREVIEW, then SAVE AS NEW CARD. 



  • If you are planning ahead, you can certainly use Duplicate and then go edit a version of an existing card.  But frequently, I'm already in card builder, playing with something not having intended to keep it, and then wind up wanting to maintain the original, but now wanting this edited version as well.  Expanding Save functionality to include a Save As would be very helpful.  As it stands, I wind up losing time/effort by having to exit without saving, Duplicating, and then recreating whatever changes I may have been playing with.


    Think about it this way... you would be saving me from my own lack of forthought.  

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  • Thank you for submitting this idea @ckatzman.  I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright for review.


    But...I can tell you this feature is already in the works ?

  • @ckatzman Thanks for this feedback. There is actually already an existing idea submitted for this request. I will duplicate this idea, please like the other idea. The name of the idea is "Need "Save As" feature - "Save Changes" as a new Card"



  • This is available in the new Analyzer experience. 

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