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I was able to learn how to create a snapshot etl dataflow,


just a quick question,

where in the dataflow can I add a column that shows the date for the historical data and the date column for the appended data?



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  • WorldWarHulk
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    yes. or can I use the batch date for that?

  • jaeW_at_Onyx
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    Ask your CSM if it's possible to pair Salesforce with UPSERT or APPEND.


    While you can use ETL to build out this pipeline, Salesforce + UPSERT would be the Domo-preferred method (as opposed to building a recursive dataflow) for building history assuming the dataset is small enough (low millions of rows) and with some updates to MagicETL, this will scale pretty nicely.

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  • Hi @WorldWarHulk 


    It appears that the screenshot you posted is from the Knowledge base article ( which is what I'm going off of. The way that's configured is it joins the historical with the live data and ignores / filters any historical data which exists in the live file thus you lose and information from the historical dataset.


    Are you wanting to keep a date of when it was first added to the dataset and another when it was last updated on the dataset?


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  • you mean to say, it will lose any data when the new data is appended? 


    I need a data to be appended and create a snapshot of historical data...


    my data comes from salesforce which doesnt store historical data... 

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  • I'm appending daily data for historical use. Because of the size I don't want store all of the dates. I just want the last 8 days only and remove the other dates. How can I do this? I can filter for the last 8 days, but it still stores other dates data.