is there a way to not allow user see page filter?

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I have a special dashboard, because of data privacy issue, we cannot show any group with less than 20 people.  So we preset up filters user>20 in the cards with different user segmentations .  However, when user click on part of these cards, these segmentation variables show up as page filter, and all groups will be shown, and users can still select the small groups from there.  Is there a way to not allow user to see the page filter when they interact with cards? 


In addition, when user adds new filter, is there a way to control which variable can be used?  for some user data such as name, email etc, we do not want them to be in the filter list.


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    You could wrap your metrics in a CASE / COUNT DISTINCT


    CASE WHEN (Count ( Distinct USER ID) <= 20 then NULL ELSE <Metric> ) END


    Think through if you want to FILTER Out Rows (with a WHERE clause) for groups that shouldn't belong.  How does that affect the overal metric if I'm showing % of total?  


    If you want to exlcude out rows, you could use a DataView + Aggregate Filtered on the HAVING clause, then JOIN to the raw dataset to exclude segments.

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