Top 3 cards to build for a newbie - please suggest

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We just started to use domo for the business and I wonder what would be your advice on first 3-5 cards that an online ecommerce business would must have?


Happy to hear any suggestions or oppinions! 


Thank you in advance 

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  • jaeW_at_Onyx
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    You'rs is a very subjective question.  Instead, I recommend go to the Appstore, Search for quickstart, and you'll see a ton of quickstarts that you can deploy to your instance in one click.


    They will give you examples of what can be done in Domo.  Pick one that aligns with the tools your organization uses.




    For a list of 'which metrics should an online e-commerce store measure' ... if you don't know what your organization's strategy is and key focus areas are, you could do a google search "top 10 metrics ..." and start from there.

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  • Hi Jae, thanks for replying to my thread. Love the fact you have built YouTube videos! Cool hacks on that Profit/Loss video! You just doubled that video likes ?

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