Color rules for gauges

Is there a way to change the color rules of the filled gauges so when one calculated value it is greater than the target calculated value then its green and red if less? the color rules only allow me to put a static number like greater than '10' but i want the target calculated value from beast mode


Thanks alot



  • You can use your Beast Mode Calculation as your target value and then in the General Settings change the color source to 'Green Above Target'.2020-04-30 10_26_40-Net DD - All Branches - Domo.png

  • I set the green above target but my gauge still doesn't change color even when my value is above target:- current value of 0.26 above 0.19 targetCapture.PNG

  • If you remove the fill color it should work. For some reason, the fill color overrides the green above target rule. 

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