Error in Activity Log API

There seems to be an issue with the Activity Log API when setting an end time in the request. When there's no start or end time, I get a response. For example:


curl -v -H Authorization:'bearer <token>' ""


This works and gives the 5 most recent log events, in descending time order. If I add a start time (eg April 1 00:00, 2020):


curl -v -H Authorization:'bearer <token>' ""


I still get the 5 most recent log events in descending time order. This isn't very useful since every time the API is called a different set of results will be in the response. It would be more useful if the response were in ascending time order.


And then if I add an end time, (eg April 2 00:00, 2020):


curl -v -H Authorization:'bearer <token>' ""


Then the response is just an empty array.




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    Oliver if you haven't submitted a support ticket, i strongly recommend you do ([email protected]


    if there is a bug in the API it can only be resolved with a JIRA ticket and before Domo can open a JIRA ticket there must be a support ticket

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