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Need the mobile app to have build, share, edit functionality. I find myself on the go all the time, and needing to perform simiple actions through the app. 

Right now, it's a beautiful representation of the data, but does not give me the admin capability that I need.

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  • @RussM can you take a look at this please?

  • @Kung-fu_Panda Thanks for the suggestion. If you were to prioritize to your top three of those simple administative actions, what would make your list?

    1. share 
    2. edit 
    3. build
  • @Kung-fu_Panda Thanks for the list, that's really helpful. Sharing access to a card is fairly straightforward on a mobile phone and that's on our list of future features. Full edit and build in Card Builder have a lot of complexity with making it a good experience with the limited screen real-estate of a phone due to the level of customization and options available. I'd love to talk with you in more detail about how editing and building cards could be done. I'll send a private message. 

  • Our Mobile teams are investigating ways we can provide some of the share, edit, and build capabilities on mobile. If anyone else has additional suggestions, please add them to the discussion.



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