How to have multiple series for a trellis chart

I am trying to add multiple series to my trellis chart. I can add the second category with just the first Y-value, but when I add another series Category 2 dissapears and I cannot add a Category 2 unless I remove the additional series. This article  shows a screenshot of a sample trellis chart that has several series fields, so it looks like having more than one value series is possible, but I cannot get it to work for mine.


Any help on how to get another series added would be awesome!

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  • Heidi



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    Can you post a screenshot of what you currently have, and what the column types are, and what chart type you are using? The Trellis chart currently support one Y-Value, and then up to 2 additional series as categories. It sounds like the dimensions you are using as categories are being read as values instead. Once that happens the chart automatically switches from the Trellis chart type to a regular multi-series chart. The chart should have one Y Value, and then up to 3 sub categories for that Y value.


    Let us know what you find! Thanks!


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