Beast mode calculations not showing in the magic ETL

So we have this dataset with a lot calculations fields. I need to merge it to another dataset. But when I am doing magic ETL, I loss all the calculated fields. Any easy solution to this? The calculated fileds are showing when I am creating the cards but not on ETL. I don't want to add all the columns again. 



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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    When you create a beast mode and click on the check box, "share calculation on dataset", it will only show up in the card analyzer when that dataset is selected. They don't ever show up in the Magic ETL. 

    You can, however, copy beast modes from one dataset to another by changing datasets for a card in a specific way. Here's how:

    1. View a card that has the dataset with all of your existing modes.

    2. Scroll down to the bottom where is shows the dataset that is powering the card and how long it is has been since it was last updated. Click on on the last updated link (i.e. Dataset was updated 5 hours ago).

    3. This brings up a pop up and lets you change datasets. Click on Change Dataset and choose the new dataset to use.

    4. Confirm everything and then it will copy all of the beast modes to that dataset.

    If the field names are exactly the same (including case sensitivity) the beast modes should work automatically. Once you have the beast modes copied over, you can move multiple cards at once to the new dataset through the data center by clicking on the old dataset and then the cards tab and choose "switch cards to a different dataset". 


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  • jaeW_at_Onyx
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    @MarkSnodgrass  and @user08570 , the new Beast Mode Manager beta has a feature that allows you to bulk copy Beast Modes from one dataset to another.  


    If you don't have the BMM, talk to your CSM to get added to the Beta program.

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