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We have had a number of request to have the ability to "stick the filters". Specifically, if a user comes in and applies a filter through the page analyzer or the card analyzer, they want a way to save that card with that filter as a favorite. 


Current State: A user has chosen a bunch of favorites, has applied filters, but when he returns to those reports (either in his Favorites or on the original Board), the Filters don’t remain applied, making him have to re-apply filters. 


Desired Future State: If a user applies a filter using the analyzer and then adds it to the favorites, the applied filters on the “Favorites” report remains after navigation / logoff. An idea to accomplish this would be to have a second option like "Add to Favorites"  except if there is a filter turned on from the analyzer to have a second option of "Add to Favorites with Filters". This way the user has the option to add the entire card or add with the filters. 


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  • What about a twist on this functionality... What if we added a "saveas" to all cards so you could save the current state (page filters, details filters etc. would be made part of the card settings). Would that work as well?

  • @StevenC can you take a look at this please?

  • @cmarkum that's a great idea and it looks like a lot of others agree with you. We've submitted a ticket to our engineering team to review your suggestion. If you'd liked to follow up on this in the future you can reference ticket: DOMO-10144

  • Would be great if this would also allow you to share the card with what filters you've put on the card with others (vs. having to create and save a new card with those filters via edit card OR having to tell the user you are sharing with to "filter on type = x and admin = false" etc). Similar to Gravatar's comment re: "save as" 

  • Thanks @tlpp for the additional input! We're working on the best way to implement this into the product and appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

  • @cmarkum @Gavatar @tlpp we've gotten a lot of feedback around this and appreciate it! We haven't forgotten about your requests, we're currently working on the best way to solve all the issues above!

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