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In my organization, my role is cardbuilder. I have built a pivot table and ran into some issues with conditional formatting.


In my table, I have Daily Budget and Net Cost as two columns broken out by day. Ideally, I wanted the Net Cost column to turn RED (could be font or background - just something to flag it) if Net Cost > Daily Budget for that day. Given my data set has many different "advertising campaigns" that have different daily budgets, I cannot assign a specific dollar amount in the color rules. In an ideal world, I wish I could just tell it to turn red if Net Cost >  Daily Budget column in the setup. From what I read, this is just a current "limitation" on how conditional formatting works at the moment. 


As a "workaround", I created a new column called Overage. It basically shows the value if net cost exceeds daily budget for that day. (see screenshot). I did research and used a beast mode someone posted here that utilizes HTML as a workaround to spit out values in designated colors in my Overage Beast mode. This is the beast mode I used:


CASE WHEN (sum(`Net Cost`) - sum(`Daily Budget`)) > 0


CONCAT('<div style="background-color:#FF0000; width: 100%; height:100%; margin:-20px; padding:20px"><a href="#FF0000">', sum(`Net Cost`)
sum(`Daily Budget`) , '</a></div>')




for some reason I keep encountering these issues:


  • No matter what color code I use in the beast mode, the result always ends up the color in my screenshot (bluish)
    • I tried adding in some <font> html codes, but no go
  • I set the data format for the beast mode as currency ($) with 2 decimals but it doesn't follow this.
    • is this because the beast mode shows up as "text string" vs "numeric"? How would I change that?


Any guidance would be helpful and appreciated!



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    ohh, I just found a workaround for this. Given the limitation on html markup for the pivot table, I modified my beast mode and then enabled "show negative numbers red" in the chart settings.


    I'm sure there are many ways to write this beast mode, but the change I made is in the second statement. Now, if there is an overage it will spit out a negative number and the "show negative numbers red" setting will flag it red. 


    CASE WHEN (sum(`Net Cost`) - (SUM(DISTINCT `Daily Budget`))) > 0

    THEN (sum(distinct `Daily Budget`)) - sum(`Net Cost`)




    screenshot attached. thanks for helping everyone. i feel mildly successful for a Friday ?


  • Hi @user32470 


    You're getting bluish text because you have a hyperlink tag (<a href...) surrounding your text causing it to default to blue. Try taking out the <a> tags.


    Are you wanting the background to be red or the text to be red?


    Typically I've done the following to make the text red:

    CONCAT('<div><span style="color: red">', `field`, '</span></div>')


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  • Unless they made changes AFAIK pivot tables don't have support for HTML formatting.  But let me know!

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  • I tried that but what happens is it returns all the code starting with <DIV> in the pivot table. Per the other poster here it might just be a limitation on the pivot table. I'll try it on another type of table for my own learning but ultimately need the pivot table. I'll submit it as a product suggestion to domo. thanks all!

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