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Hey everyone! 


Please view attached screenshot below...


I am pulling the data for this card from a Google Sheet that is updated multiple times a day with sales referrals. These referrals have a Representative column for the Sales Reps name. As you can see below DOMO is breaking each Rep into multiple bars.


I have tried ETL value mapper , replace text, and text formatting and nothing works to combine the individual bars together. The only solution I have found is going to the Google Sheets and copy and pasting the Reps name from a previous cell and it will merge the bars. I am wanting to know if there is a way I can do this through DOMO instead of manually.


The Google Sheets formatting is the same in every cell - same font, font size, etc. 


Has anyone encountered this error before? Any help would be appreciated! 



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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    I would try the String Operations and use the trim spaces function. There are likely some hidden spaces causing Domo not to see the names as the same. You could also quickly do this in a beast mode to see if that fixes it. Just use the TRIM() function to remove the spaces and then drag the new beast mode field into your x-axis to see if things are consolidated.

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  • Hi @Whimzyy 

    Domo is breaking out each rep because that's the column you have on your x-axis. Depending on the format of your actual data and how you want the final presentation to look like dictates which card you'd need to use and how you'd define your x and y axis values.


    Can you provide some scrubbed example data for reference?


    I think you're wanting to combine each of the names together and get a total of each. Is my assumption correct? Have you tried aggregating your value field to use SUM (or MIN, MAX, AVG depending on your needs)?

    Are you looking for only the latest record for each rep or combining all records together for each rep?

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  • Hmmm okay I get what you are saying but it still doesn't make sense lol... I have the Reps as the X axis and then the count of Reps name as the Y axis. This has been working for our other states for 6+ months but this states card keeps breaking into individual bars. 

  • Trim() seemed to work great! Must be some weird spacing in the google sheet. Looks the same but obviously isn't. 


    Thanks for the help!!