Create DataSet API is not creating schema anymore.

This was working before. I am trying to create a dataset with a schema of 2 columns. The dataset creation is succesful but it is getting created without any columns in it. Even the example given in doesn't work. 


I tried both dataset and Stream APIs. In both cases the API successfully created dataset but without schema in it.


Below is the Json I am using - is something broken?





  "name": "ABM-ClientData",
  "description": "ABM Client Information",
  "rows": 0,
  "schema": {
    "columns": [ {
      "type": "STRING",
      "name": "Name"
    }, {
      "type": "STRING",
      "name": "Abbr"
    } ]








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  • jaeW_at_Onyx
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    Answer ✓

    you won't see the schema in the Domo UI until you load data.

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