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Is there anyway to be able to see in Domo Stats, reports scheduled by others? We're trying to see users who are inactive with no reports being sent or emailed. Problem is we can only see reports you've scheduled not what's being sent to a user. 

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  • MichelleH
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    I don't think the Activity Log shows who reports get sent to, but if you are an admin you can also view more detail in the Scheduled Reports page, and clicking the three dots on the right side, the, "Edit Schedule". You can also filter this page to show all reports "Owned" by that particular user. Scheduled Reports.PNG


  • If you have the Activity Log dataset, you can see when a scheduled report is created by reporting on rows where the Action field is "CREATED" and the Object_Type field is "REPORT_SCHEDULE". The Object_Name field will tell you which report was created, and the Name field will tell you who scheduled it.

  • Would there be a way to show who they created/sent the report to? Thanks for your help!

  • Echoing the question above, is there a way to tie together who received the reports? This will help with auditing reports sent out from Domo, as well as prove the usage of these reports. 

  • Recluz
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    This would also be very helpful in vetting active users. We have some users who are "Active" not because they actually log into Domo with any frequency, but because they receive regular scheduled reports. Having statistics available to identify when and who are receiving scheduled reports would be wonderful.