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I wanted to replace my client name with their logo, and I did this by creating a separate domo card with the logo and creating a beast mode to replace the name with the image.

when `CUSTOMER_NAME` = 'KALITTA AIR LLC' then ('<img src="">')
when `CUSTOMER_NAME` = 'AAR AIRCRAFT TURBINE' then ('<img src="">')

My problem now is that the image does not fill the whole box in the table. Is there any way to change the margins to fill the whole box 









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  • jaeW_at_Onyx
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    This is clever! but it sounds like you're trying to change the styling on Domo cards.  Is that right?


    That i'm confident is not possible without buying white labeling features, but that probably isn't advised as it would over write styling on ALL your visualizations.


    Have you tried using explicit styling inside your IMG tag?


    try explicitly setting the Padding and Margins 


    In the absence of that, build a custom app that recreates your Image table.  you'll have control over the margins inside the iFrame.


    side note, instead of storing your URL in beast modes, maybe move that to a Webform,



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