Schedule monthly reports - what date range is selected?

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I'm setting up my first (!) scheduled report in Domo and have a few questions that Knowledge Base didn't cover:

  1. If the data in the card I'm trying to schedule is displayed at the monthly level, and only displays the last complete month, the report should then also only display the last completed month, correct? Example: I schedule the report on 9/18/20 to begin delivery on 10/5/20 - the data in the scheduled report should be for the month of September? 
  2. The Start and End dates in the report scheduler are for when the report should begin sending and when it should stop sending and has no bearing on the data in the report? In other words, Start and End are solely for scheduling purposes, not data purposes?

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  • GrantSmith
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    Hi @Joe_M 


    1) If you have the card filtered to a relative time (i.e. Last Month) and not the specific dates themselves then it should be filtered  only the last month and update each month automatically.

    2) Correct, those are for scheduling only.

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  • When I try to schedule a card that is filtered by relative time (i.e. Last 10 days), the report is delivered for the entire date range. Tried everything but cannot get this to work (never could since we started using DoMo).

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