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Is it possible to change the font color of my table if a condition is met using a beast mode.


I have something like this

When `BI_Weight` ='5' then
CONCAT ('<div style="font-color:#A43724">', `ICR_NUMBER`, '</font>')


but I only get text. 

Any help would be appreciate it. Thanks

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    Hi @gotex 


    The blue text is because you make the text a hyperlink (<a href=...>). If you don't need it to be a hyperlink remove the anchor (<a> & </a>) tags from your text. If you need to have the hyperlink you'll need to add a style to the <a> tag:

    <a href="#" style="color: #bbe491">

    Also make sure you're using an HTML table as not all HTML tags are supported in Mega Tables.


    Your second code sample changes the background color of the cell instead of the font color. If you want to change the text color only then you can replace `background-color` with `font-color`.


    Going back to your original question - have you confirmed that your `BI_Weight` field is actually returning 5 or could it be a near 5 (like 5.1)?


    You may want to make it a bit easier to read and use something like:

    CONCAT ('<div style="font-color:',
      When `BI_Weight` ='5' then '#A43724'
      When `BI_Weight` ='4' then '#F1F1F1'
      ELSE ''



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  • I also try using this formula for another post but I only get a blue text font color.


    CONCAT('<div style="background-color:#bbe491; width: 100%; height:100%; margin:-20px; padding:20px"><a href="#">', 'Green Conditional Format', '</a></div>'

  • Thanks I was not using the HMLT table!

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