Empty cells after aggregating and creating a case when variable



I have a dataset that shows a sale/lost sale an agent made on a daily basis. Now I am using the dataflow to get the sales % over the last 3 months (data is only last 3 months) per consultant and want to join it back to the original dataset for later card creation purposes.


This following formula gives me empty values thou using the redshift dataflow in domo, any ideas why??

select agent_id,
(CASE WHEN "sales" = 'true' then Count (DISTINCT "customer_id") end)::numeric/(count (DISTINCT "customer_id")) as Sales_Ratio

from sales

group by 1;


  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🥷

    Hi @user084060 


    This is likely because of your numerator CASE statement where it only returns a value if sales=true. If you have a record where that condition isn't met NULL is returned and anytime NULL is divided by another number NULL is returned. Without seeing your data I'd recommend something like:


    select agent_id,
    COUNT( DISTINCT CASE WHEN "sales" = 'true' then "customer_id" end)::numeric/(count (DISTINCT "customer_id")) as Sales_Ratio
    from sales
    group by 1;


    This way it will return 0 if there are no sales.

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