Calculate employee occurrences (absent, late, etc) from REHIRE date

Hey all. Wondering if anyone would be able to assist with this.

We have a card (simple bar chart) where we show employee occurrences, e.g. absent, late, early out, etc based on a dataset that pulls together a couple different tables, assigning point values to these occurrences for a sum total (absence = 1 point | late <=10 minutes = .25 | late >10 minutes = .50 | etc).


We report on this for the last 12 months, and we're having an issue with individuals who have been rehired where a gap in employment exists within the rolling 12 month period, so it's still counting occurrences. Realistically, we wouldn't see a rehire with a gap in employment of less than 30 days, so that would be the benchmark to determine gaps.


What we want to do is make is so that all occurrences, even though they're within the last 12 months, are excluded if they were PRIOR to their rehire date, basically only counting occurrences from that date forward, not the full 12 months as we would for anyone who's worked the entire reporting period.


1) should this be done in the dataflow, or at the card level?

2) how would we go about doing this?


Please let me know what other information might be needed to assist. Thanks in advance!

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    I would lean towards adding a `Latest Hire Date` in the dataflow.  This would let you add a case statement that would let you only count the occurences when they occur after the latest hire date.



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  • Thanks, @ST_-Superman-_ , we'll give that a shot and respond back/accept answer if we're able to get it to work that way. Appreciate your time & assistance