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I have a DOMO card which contains a very big number of records and each of these records have an email address. Let's say I have a list of 100 email addresses which I need to find in this card. So by using 'Show filters' button and selecting 'email' string, instead of writing email addresses one by one and selecting each one separately, I would like to place them all in the 'filter by' search field, separated by the coma (or other), so when I click apply they all get selected at once. Or maybe there is another way of filtering multiple values at once?


Any help is very appreciated!


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  • MarkSnodgrass
    MarkSnodgrass Portland, Oregon 🥷
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    Yeah, Domo doesn't support a comma separated list in the search box unfortunately. I can think of 3 hacks that would get you close to what you want to do:

    1. Create a beast mode that has your e-mail addresses by using a case statement like:



    CASE WHEN 'email' IN (<your list of e-mail addresses>) THEN 'Y' ELSE 'N' END



    You would need to have single quotes around each of your e-mail addresses. I tend to use Excel to quickly concatenate single quotes around something. You would then just copy and your addresses into the IN statement. 

    2. Use a Domo Webform. You could copy and paste your addresses into a Domo Webform and then use Magic ETL to join it to your main dataset. Link your card to this output dataset. 

    3. Upload an Excel spreadsheet. This would be the same thing as the Domo Webform process, except you would just overwrite your Excel file each time with the list of e-mail addresses you want to look at.


    Not perfect, but hopefully it helps.

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  • MarkSnodgrass
    MarkSnodgrass Portland, Oregon 🥷

    You can turn on Quick Filter for the e-mail address field. This will make it show up for all users of the card and they can use the search box to search the list and select as many as you want. 

    If you want to group the e-mail addresses, you can create a Beast Mode with a CASE statement that would group e-mail addresses into different groups. (Example, group them by the domain name of the e-mail address) You could then drag the beast mode into the filters box and use that as your filter.

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  • Hi Mark,


    Thank you for this idea, but the problem is that let's say I have a card with 2m records (each of them has an email address), and I need to check the 200 records based on the 200 different emails which I have (the email addresses are not related in any way, just a random list). So when searching/filtering I don't want to copy paste email addresses 1 by 1 and select them 1 by 1 (that would take an eternity probably), instead I would like to paste all the 200 email addresses in the search/filter field at once (separated by coma, or any other way), so when I click apply, the card would be filtered to show all these 200 records which I can further export and analyze. 


    I am not sure if this multiple values search/filtering is even possible in DOMO, but if someone knows a way or a trick to do it, please please share ?

  • jaeW_at_Onyx
    jaeW_at_Onyx Budapest / Portland, OR 🔴

    What you could do is create a Fusion or a Dataset View between a Webform and a Dataset that's JOIN'ed on the email column.  


    Then just maintain your list of users in the Webform and the INNER JOIN takes care of it for you.


    Seems like hack, but  the nice thing is that you can apply that webform + fusion method to a variety of datasets to ensure consistent filtering. (and your dataset will be more performant b/c it's limiting the data.

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  • Thank you the Beast mode solution worked out perfectly!

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