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When I monitor the datasets and look at the history sometimes I see "-" or same number of rows as previous update or increment/decrement in the count if rows for the updated rows.

In case, the updated rows is shown as "-", and in workbench the message for the job is "Zero rows returned from Dataset Job execution", how can I be assured if there are really no new rows being collected, because if the datasource server is having issues and still the workbench message for the job is "Zero rows returned from Dataset Job execution".




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    Hi @Khan_Naziya 


    The hard part is for Domo to know if there should be data that needs to be updated or not. Domo can only ingest the data but doesn't know the intricacies of your source system to know if there should be records to update or not. You'd have to somehow pass that status via your query you're sending to Domo to understand either this is the last updated time and this is what we're expecting so Domo can then alert you if it doesn't line up.


    What I had in the past was a data source pulling in the latest date in the source dataset and then used a beast mode to verify that the date returned was the same as today (I was expecting data to come at least on a daily basis).


    You need to determine "How do I know if the data is behind or outdated in the source system?"

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