More clarity of what data sources are involved with Data Flows

Currently I can find my native Input data set, and the data set I created with Magic ETL working with the Input data.


I can also find the Data Flow name I used to create the resulting Output data set.


I cannot, however, find out that Input data source 'A' is included in ETL dataflows '1', '2', and '4', and the resulting Output data sets are 'Red', 'Blue', and 'Green.'


This is somewhat dangerous, because if I don't carefully name the Input dataset to note that it is for an ETL transform, I might see '0 cards' and delete it from Domo.


Also, if I want to make edits to the resulting Output data set, it's hard to tell in the list of Data Flows which flow actually created the resulting data set.


All in all the ETL product is terrific, and the data center is in good shape with recent updates, but this seems to be a missing piece for administrating data.

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  • Thanks for the suggestion! We agree that this would be helpful—this suggestion will be tracked by our engineering team under Domo-37567.

    Matt Chandler
  • Would actually be really helpful!!



    Rosanne Broersma
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