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I want to set a parameter and use this parameter in a beast mode. For example, I want to set a parameter with a sales volume range from 5 to 20. The customer could change this parameter to a specific value within this range. And then I want to create a beast mode showing that case when the sales volume >= parameter value, that category would be regarded as 'Good', else category would be 'Bad'.


As the customer changes the parameter value, the situation that the category is good or bad would change accordingly. Is it possible to get this in Domo?


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    Hi @user034162 


    Not directly on the card itself sadly. The way to do this is to utilize a webform and join that to a data fusion. If the user needs to change the parameters they'd change the values in the webform. Not ideal but the best solution we have at this time.


    @jaeW_at_Onyx has done a video which outlines this process here:


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