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It would be very helpful to have the ability to click the 'Export' button and export the data from the 'final data grid view' and drill level cards. Currently when I click the export button, it only gives me a breakdown to however the top level card was structured. I have very large tables 100+ columns and adding each to a table for exporting is time consuming (not to mention the column limitation on the table card). If I click the 'Export' button it should allow me to send the card to a version of my choosing (picture or data), with whatever filters that were applied.

Daniel Nicholas Lefteriou
Wentworth Institute of Technology

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  • Thank you for this idea. I am assigning this to our product manager @StevenC for review.

  • Hello @Dan- Thanks for taking time to submit feedback. Could you answer the questions below, I need somemore clarity on your needs for exporting. 

    - Are you looking for a way to export the whole data set when you are viewing the top card? 

    - You want the option to export only the data that renders the card or the whole data set? 

  • This looks similar to what I would like to add as an idea so will comment here.  @ckwright I would like what you mention in your first question.  The ability to use the card options and export for example "Export Card Details" this way getting the full details in Excel.  As a workaround currently in our training we are showing the users how to click on the slices or bars then removing the filter so they get all details vs. only the bar or slice they clicked on.




  • Hi All,


    Is there any update on the request. Export as a button option so that users can click and export to excel.



    Dhineshkumar Eswaran


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