Using BeastMode Calculate the 80/20 by Category

Out of all the domains, which 20% of all domains account for 80% of the Users?

There should be more than one domain I think that account for that 80/20.

In addition, how can I measure that distribution difference?

I'm trying to this strictly in DOMO, but since I'm new, the struggle is real. 

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    if i understand your question, to break it into pieces you should start with:


    "what percentage of the users does each domain account for"  so you need a percent of total calculation. 

    then you want to order your domains by percent of total ascending

    then you want to keep all domains where the cumulative sum of 'percent of total' is <=  .8


    i think you can accomplish this with a dataset view or by pre-aggregating your data in Magic ETL 2.0


    what happens if you have 

    Domain A = 75% of users

    Domain B = 20% of users

    Domain C = 5% percent of users.


    What is your answer for 'which domains account for 80% of the users?'

    If your answer is A + C the logic becomes much more complicated, b/c effectively you're trying to find the combination of values that gets the closest to .8% which is a logic problem that would be much harder to encapsulate than the easy answer just "A." or maybe "A + B"

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  • Oh the way you worded this is so much easier to comprehend. 


    I was definitely looking at this in a more complicated mindset.


    Thanks so much!