Creating a Table in a Redshift Flow

Can I create a table, insert rows and call it, all in 1 transform in a redshift dataflow? 

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    What's your entire question?  Domo's redshift executes in a full-fledged Redshift environment, so of course, what you're asking for is possible...


    in Redshift on most days of the week, you don't want to write an INSERT statement into a table b'c, it'll typically be faster to just restate the table,  SELECT ... , with all the data in it.  


    In Domo SQL-based etls, there are two types of transforms   SELECT TABLE (which will functionally SELECT ... INTO TABLE) and add a SQL TRANSFORM.  wherein you to do everything else (ALTER, UPDATE , CREATE etc.



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  • Jarvis





    Yes, you can use one transform to create a table, insert rows and call it.



  • Thank you Jae, this was what I was looking for. My entire question was 1, can I do all three in one transform, then 2 how but I was able to find it with your explanation.


    I currently have a Google sheet feeding in Sales quotas then joining that to Sales actuals but I want to create that table in Domo to avoid having it saved in a Sheet so anyone can take over my flow and not need access to my Sheets.