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I have a report from Salesforce that I moved into DOMO. In this report, there is a Website column, which acts as a hyperlink instead of text. However, I just want the text portion of the column, not the hyperlink. Whenever I export it as a .csv, the column changes to text but has a lot of other nonsense along with it. Is there a way in DOMO, whether through a dataflow or Beast Mode, that I can change the hyperlink column to plain text before exporting it?

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    Can you post an example of what is in that cell? Is it something like <a href=....>link name</a> ? You could write a beast mode to extract the portion in between the HMTL tags if that is what is in there, but I would need to see an example of what is there for sure.

    Also, are you using the HTML table card right now? That is designed to automatically interpret HTML tags. Switching to a mega table would disable that, but the HTML would be showing to the user which would still need to be cleaned up.

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