How to display the weekly average of all timestamps in date/time field?

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I have a card that I need to display the previous week's average of tickets created in each hour.  The example of the data is attached however, the short story is 24 hours display and the average total tickets created over the previous week by hour.  Also attached an example of my attempt of the card filtering Previous Week, by Hour.


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  • GrantSmith
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    Hi @GuitarMan2020 


    Have you tried utilizing a Beast Mode to calculate the Hour of the day:



    And then using that as your x-axis which selecting last week from your date range selector and then just doing an average of your total tickets? Since you have multiple priorities for each hour you might need to pre-aggregate your data since you're wanting to do an average of a sum (aggregate of an aggregate).


    Also make sure to sort your chart by your beast mode so that the hours are in the correct order.



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