How do I build a card?


I'm new to Domo. Wondering what best practices are for building cards?


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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    I think there are a lot of possible answers to this, but here a few key things to consider:

    • Know your audience - Are you building a card for an analyst that wants to see a lot of detail? Or are you building this for an executive that may just want to see a positive or negative single number? This will help you decide which card type to use.
    • Check your date filter - Make sure the date filter in the top right section in Analyzer is using the date field that you want it to use. Also, decide what range of dates you want it to show. Do you want it for all-time? Or just the last 12 months by month? etc...
    • Format your data - Analyzer makes it very easy to format the fields that you are using in the x and y-axis, etc. Click on the pencil when the field is in one of those areas and choose Format and select Currency, Percentage, and determine how many decimal places you want to show.
    • Give an accurate title and description - This will really help the end user understand what is being shown to them and can provide tips on how to best make use of the card.

    There are certainly more things that could be added, but these are some key points.

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