Domo Action cannot be executed.

When I implemented it with reference to the "Sample process Action function" below, an error occurred.

processAction = (id, document) => {
 let actionGUID = '7c833e5b-1e5a-4e57-9222-XXXXXXXXXXXX';
 let accountAlias = 'backlog_custom';
 return fetch(`/domo/actions/v1/${actionGUID}/process?accountAlias=${accountAlias}&scope=customer`, {
  method: "POST",
  headers: { "Content-Type": "application/json" },
  body: JSON.stringify({ "issue_id": id, "comment": document["コメント"], "due_date": document["期限日"] })
 .then(response => response.json());

The following is the error message.

POST http://localhost:3000/domo/actions/v1/7c833e5b-1e5a-4e57-9222-XXXXXXXXXXXX/process?accountAlias=backlog_custom&scope=customer 400 (Bad Request)

status: 400
statusReason: "status 400 reading DomoActionClient#processAction(String,Long,String,String,Map)"
toe: "47638FPTA9-8BIUG-MNIFC"

Could some one help me on this issue?

* Enable Domo actions and write back features on our domain.