Read only DataSet API access/token generation

Hi! I'm working with a third party and would like them to have read-only API access to a certain dataset. I just figured out how to query data with the DataSet API, but I was concerned with access. I haven't found a way to restrict access to data. I know you change the scope of the client, but I didn't find any scope restrictions besides that.


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  • jaeW_at_Onyx
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    @Sam1 ,

    @GrantSmith is correct insofar as the access token you generate (or client_id & secret combo) will have the same permissions as the user with which the token was generated.

    to control which rows of data a user has access to, use PDP policies.

    to control which APIs a user can use (what actions they can take in Domo) use scope and customize their role as Grant suggested.

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  • Hi @Sam1

    The API token you authenticate and communicate with us for the user that created the token. So you could have a user which has their permissions limited to read only ( a custom role)

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