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Hi there!

I'm looking for some advice on how to best manage users and Access Groups within Publication Groups.

Is there a way to access the list of users found under "People" in Admin? I know I can manually do a bulk export but that is cumbersome and obviously can't be scheduled etc.

We use Publication Groups and Access Groups extensively. Within one Publication Group we have approx. 80 Access Groups. The data each end user has access to is filtered by the customer #s set in their access group. Is there a way I can gain access a list of all Access Groups within a Publication Group and the filter values set for each access group?

I have tried to find a way to do this using DomoStats - Activity Log and an ETL but no joy! Is there a way to build a custom app to do this?

Thx😀! Chris

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    have you looked at the other reports you can generate in Domo Stats (People)? or Domo Governance (Users and Groups)?

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