is it possible to add a constant in front of values in a column by using a beastmode calc?

I have an 'id' column in a dataset these id's are long and ugly. There is a constant URL that I want to be able to put in front of each value and have the column display this URL constant, followed by the id's. So it is as follows:


Plus ID: b36c34d8-86e6-11eb-9f27-12dc896541

To get:

is it possible to write a beast mode that would accomplish this, and if so, can you have reflect as a hyperlink?

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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith 🥷
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    Hi @user048760

    What you're looking for is the CONCAT function. It allows you to add multiple columns together with constants to create a single value.

    If you're looking for just the URL (which you won't be able to click on but would only be displayed)

    CONCAT('', `ID`)

    Alternatively you can also utilize some HTML code to convert your URL to a clickable URL.

    CONCAT('<A HREF="', `ID`, '" target="_blank">', 'Clickable Text Here Or Use a Column Instead', '</A>')

    The `target="_blank" ` tells the HTML to open your link in a new window. If you want it to open in the same window then just exclude that section.

    The HTML link will only work in the table type card and doesn't work in other cards at this time.

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