Is there a way to prevent a card in a story page from using the page filters?

I have a page that shows info about a customer, and I would like to show info about that customer in relation to another group of customers.

For example:

Filters: Customer = Bob and Industry = Retail

With those filters both active I would only see data about Customer Bob. I would like to have 1 card that shows the average sales to Bob and a second card that shows average sales in the Retail industry.


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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith 🥷
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    Hi @mberkeley

    Page filters apply to all cards on the page so you can't selectively apply the filter. What you could do is utilize some filter cards (one for customer, one for industry) and chance the card interactions for each filter so it only applies to your cards individually. You might still have users using the page filters which would still continue to cause issues. The other option is to have a separate datasets with different column names or don't include industry in both datasets and customer in both dataset. Dataset Views (in beta - talk with your CSM) are good for this as they update instantaneously and are easy to use to drop some columns.

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  • mberkeley
    mberkeley 🟡
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    Thanks for the quick response. The problem I have with using filter cards is the size of the text lists that are being filtered. The text filter cards don't give me an easy view like the page filters.

    The option that I would really like to see is a per dashboard/card interaction option to say 'ignore filters' and let the user pick which page level filters to ignore.

  • ST_-Superman-_
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    @mberkeley there is also a beta product that would address this issue. I'm not sure of the timeline for a general release, but you could email [email protected] and ask about the "Filter Exceptions Beta".

    I would at mention him here, but I can't remember his Dojo handle. You could also check with your Domo Custer Success Manager.

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  • @mberkeley @ST_-Superman-_ - The upcoming Filter Exceptions beta works slightly differently than the use case described above. Filter Exceptions allow you to choose whether or not a card will respond to certain types of filters. It's more of an "all or nothing" approach. Meaning you can set up a card to ignore all page filters, however this will then ignore page filters from any column.

    In the example above, it sounds like you want a specific card to ignore filters from a specific column while still responding to other filters from other columns. For this, @GrantSmith's suggestion above would probably be the best approach.