Avoid BeasMode Duplication in Bulk Switching cards

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Hello everyone

I want to try Switching all cards powered by a DataSet in Domo.

This dataset is a really important one which has around 5000 cards, and many of our important reports and beastmodes are there. So I don't want to mess it up!.

I created an identical dataset with same column names and I read in Domo Knowledge Base articles that

"If the beastmode is shared on the dataset it will be copied as well. And this may cause duplicate beasmodes that need to be resolved in order to make sure that there are no issues in the cards and that the correct values are represented."

And I want to know when this duplicate in beastmodes could happen? Even if I don't have any calculations in my new dataset, does it still cause in duplicate beasmodes? How can I avoid this issue?

Thank you for your support :)


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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    If your new dataset doesn't have any beast modes built off it, then there won't be any duplication because nothing is there to duplicate. If you do have a beast mode with the same name on both datasets, it will rename one by adding something like "from dataset...." to the end of the beast mode name. It will also alert you when you go into analyzer and tell you there are beast modes to rename.

    I would encourage you to use the beast mode manager, which is in the data center in your instance and make use of some of the tools available in there. This can help with a lot of the cleanup. Here's a link to the KB article about it.

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  • jaeW_at_Onyx
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    Also if you have beast modes that were NOT shared to the dataset A that you then copy to Dataset B, IF dataset b has beast modes with the same name, you can run into a collision.

    Beast Mode manager will be the most effective tool for handling collisions.

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