How to Connect Custom Google Analytics Report to DOMO


I'm currently trying to connect some data from Google Analytics to DOMO, however, whenever I attempt to do so, it wants me to create a report from the ground up, or use one of the templates. I can't use either of these options since some of the data I want is being pulled from Demandbase into Google Analytics. Using this data, I made a custom report in Google, so now all I need to do is pull that custom report into DOMO. How would I go about doing this?


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    this is a connector-specific question, @user030230, ask support.

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  • Hi @user030230, how did you go with this?

    When you create a custom report on the platform side (i.e. in your GA instance), and then you put your details into 'Credentials' in Domo's Google Analytics Advanced Connector, it should be able to read your account to find that custom report in 'Data Selection' or allow you to select metrics from scratch.